/ Sustainability

/ Respect for the environment

/ Reduced costs of production


These are the key words I kept in mind for the identity I designed for Arc18, a based in Turin (Italy) "Social Activities Centre" with the strong purpose to promote activities based on the attention, care and respect of the environment.Arc 18 represents the cooperation of two centres, "Cad L'arco" and "18┬░Piano".They creates all handmade products, just using industrial and material refuses.

Handmade paper, cardboard furniture, wooden musical instruments.

The centre is managed and created by two social cooperitives; Cooperativa Esserci and Gruppo Arco.

All the analysis, identity, together with the video, is my graduation project presented at Politecnico di Torino in December, 2012.

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Logo, Identity, Illustration  and Editorial design.


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